Reopening Anoka Bars and Restaurants

City Assistance

The recent Governor’s Executive Order does not allow for indoor dining, but does allow for outdoor dining with restrictions. The Anoka City Council is very concerned about the restrictions and related impacts they may have on the health and vitality of restaurants and bars in Anoka.  

The City is considering ways in which to assist these businesses with increasing the capacity for outdoor seating and will be discussing it at the City Council Worksession on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 5 p m. 

To better define a plan to be proposed to the City Council, Staff met with the business owners  on Friday, May 22, in advance of the Worksession, to inform owners that the City may be able to assist with outdoor seating, get their input on how they may want to operate, and insure that these operations adhere to the current Executive Orders. 

Some ideas that are currently being considered include: closing portions of streets and parking lots to accommodate outdoor seating, allowing businesses to extend into sidewalk areas and parking lots, and perhaps provide a limited number of picnic tables and pedestrian barriers to business owners. 

The audio file from the meeting with the business owners is available for download.