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March 16, 2023 4:00 PM

Hwy 10 Anoka Project

Hwy 10 weekend closure March 17-20

Ferry St. at Hwy 10 closed March 17 through fall 2023

Major work on the Hwy 10 Anoka road reconstruction project will soon resume for the second year. The first traffic impact will be a full weekend closure of Hwy 10, and the closure of Ferry St. at Hwy 10 through fall 2023.

Beginning 10 p.m. Fri, March 17, Hwy 10 will be closed in both directions between Ferry St. and 7th Ave. in Anoka until 5 a.m. Mon, March 20. The weekend closure will allow crews to safely demolish and remove the Ferry St. bridge over Hwy 10. Crews will work 24-hours a day during the weekend closure, and residents in the area may experience some round-the-clock noise, lights and vibrations.

To avoid the closure, Hwy 10 drivers can follow the marked detour around Anoka via Hwy 610, I-94, Hwy 101. Residents and people driving to and in Anoka can follow local detours to reach homes and businesses.

After the weekend closure, Hwy 10 will reopen with a single lane of traffic in each direction from Ferry St. to 7th Ave. through fall 2023 as crews resume work for the season.

Ferry St. will remain closed at Hwy 10 through fall 2023 as crews build the new bridge. If you normally travel on Ferry St. over Hwy 10, allow extra time for one of the following detours:

• Northbound Ferry St./Hwy 47 detour: Northbound Ferry St./Hwy 169 to eastbound Hwy 10 to 7th Ave. exit ramp to northbound 7th Ave. to Bunker Lake Blvd.

• Southbound Ferry St./Hwy 169 detour: Southbound Ferry St./Hwy 47 to westbound Hwy 10 to Main St. exit ramp to W Main St.

• Southbound Ferry St./Hwy 47 to eastbound Hwy 10 detour: Eastbound Bunker Lake Blvd. to southbound 7th Ave. to eastbound Hwy 10

• Northbound Hwy 169 to westbound Hwy 10 detour: W Main St. to Main St. to westbound Hwy 10 entrance loop

• Pedestrian detour: Pleasant St., 4th Ave., Rum River Regional Trail, 2nd Ave., E Main St.

Construction activities are subject to change due to weather, schedule and unforeseen impacts.

Eastbound Hwy 10 ramps to/from Main St. close in early April

Looking ahead, in early April, drivers can expect the eastbound Hwy 10 ramps to/from Main St. to close as crews resume work on the interchange.

• Eastbound Hwy 10 ramp to Main St. detour: Continue eastbound on Hwy 10 to Ferry St. exit to southbound Ferry St. to Main St. - this ramp will remain closed through fall

• Main St. to eastbound Hwy 10 detour: Main St. to northbound Ferry St. to eastbound Hwy 10 - this ramp will remain closed through mid-summer

When construction is completed this fall, the roundabouts on Main St. will be in their permanent version; motorists will find brighter permanent lighting, improved permanent signage along the ramps and a prominent overhead sign at the bottom of the ramps.

For more information about Minnesota’s roundabouts, please visit our Roundabouts in Minnesota webpage. And watch this video showing how to navigate Anoka’s roundabouts.

More about this project
MnDOT and the City of Anoka are working together to reconstruct and improve roads and bridges on Hwy 10 between Thurston Ave. and 7th Ave. through Anoka. When complete, the two-year Hwy 10 Anoka project will improve traffic flow, decrease traffic delays and increase safety. Construction is anticipated to be completed in spring 2024.

For more information, including upcoming traffic impacts, visit the Hwy 10 Anoka project webpage. If you have any questions about the project, contact the Hwy 10 Anoka project team.

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