Permitted Areas

Per the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fishing Regulations for Spearing, Archery, and Dip Nets, bowfishing is allowed on the Mississippi and Rum Rivers from a watercraft with the applicable license. The City of Anoka has designated specific areas where bowfishing is allowed from the shoreline at Kings Island and the Anoka Nature Preserve with the applicable City of Anoka permit.


Permits are available by filling out the current Bowfishing Permit Application and returning to the Public Services office or the Recreation Manager. Permits must be renewed annually. 

Areas Where Bowfishing Is Not Allowed

Bowfishing is not allowed from the Rum River Dam structure or its surrounding shoreline, or any walking bridge, fishing pier, dock structure or any other location except those designated by the special permit.

Bowfishing from a watercraft on public waters does not require a special permit from the City of Anoka.

Bowfishing Application