Community Gardens

Friendship Garden Sign
Harmony Garden Sign


If you are interested in a plot for 2024, and you live in the City of Anoka and did not have a plot the prior year.  Please contact Rachel to put your name on a waiting list.  

General Information

The City of Anoka has two different community garden locations.  Each location has a water source, compost pile and garbage can.
  • Friendship Gardens - located at  804 Jackson St & 8 1/2 Avenue and has 19 plots that are approximately 25 x 25 each. 
  • Harmony Gardens - located at 2905 Sixth Avenue & Johnson Street and has 27 plots that are approximately 15 x 20 each.

During Watering Bans

Depending on the weather conditions each year, watering bans may be put into place.  

PLEASE HELP TO CONSERVE WATER: Odd/even watering restrictions typically take place June 1 through August 31 each year.
  • Friendship Gardeners are allowed to water on even days.
  • Harmony Gardeners are allowed to water on odd days.

Yearly Schedule

Schedule may change slightly each year, depending on responses and requests.
  • March 1st to Mid-March – Initial letters are sent to all gardeners from the previous year, to give them the first opportunity to renew their contracts. Some years this is sent out a little earlier depending on requests.
  • March - April 1st - Deadline for returning gardeners to respond if they plan on renewing their contracts.
  • Mid April to End of April - Staff's timeframe to follow-up and contact those who haven't responded to initial mailing.
  • May 1st to 1st Week in May - Open garden plots are made available first to those on a waiting list; in the order they were received.  Or if there is no list, open plots are advertised to the public.
  • If there is not a waiting list, the current gardeners may apply for a second plot or multiple plots so they don't go unmanaged throughout the season.
  • Before Mother's Day Weekend - Staff tires to have all the garden plots filled.
  • Mother's Day Weekend - Is typically when the gardens have been tilled by our Public Services Department (depending on weather).  Gardeners are allowed to start planting once the gardens have been tilled.
  • Mother's Day Weekend - Typically the first weekend gardeners are allowed to start planting.  Some years this has been done earlier, but water is typically not turned on until there is NO CHANCE of a hard freeze.
  • Throughout Season - As plots are not maintained or gardeners leave or can't maintain their plots; advertisements will be made to the public if garden plots open up.  Also, if there is a waiting list; first opportunities are given to those on the list.