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Report Tree/Branches on or Near the Power Lines


    Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) has a regular rotation of tree-trimming around the city so they do not have to go from one side of town to the other and back again. This free service includes free clean-up as we make our way around the AMU service area. Check out the regular rotation map.

    NOTE: These requests for trimming and cutting the needed trees and branches in the power lines (excluding cable or phone lines) outside of the regular rotation is a free service, but  the residence will be responsible for the clean-up. 

    Requests will be reviewed and prioritized based on necessity and urgency, and may result in no action.

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  2. Is Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) your electric service provider?*

    Tree must be in AMU's service area in order to consider this request.

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  4. 2. Are you looking to have the tree removed?*

    *AMU will only remove what is required to make safe in the most cost-efficient way possible. The tree(s) in question must be clearly marked.

  5. 3. Is your power/electricity being negatively affected in any way at this time?*

    Ex. Lights flickering, half-power, etc.

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  7. Take a picture of the problem area and upload it here. Not attaching a file will result in a delayed response, however it will still be addressed and prioritized as needed.
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