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Option A: Steps 1-8 Submission Form

  1. Note:

    This form is for current  Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) customers only. 

    Please make sure you have sufficient time for completion as this form will not save progress for use at a later time. 

    Upon submission, it will be e-mailed to the utility shop office personnel, including the master electrician. 

    Please call 763-576-2903 with any questions.

  2. Please upload required documents.

    For Option (A) Steps One through Eight.

  3. Page 100 to 104 in the Distributed Generation Policy.

  4. Page 150 to 157 in the Distributed Generation Policy.

  5. This is a  diagram of the proposed DER system showing the point of common coupling, PCC, to the Area EPS Operator’s Distribution System.

  6. Include all certified equipment manufacturer specification sheets. 

  7. A site layout drawing of the proposed DER system. 

  8. Follow requirements on page 44 of Distributed Generation Policy.

  9. From the proper jurisdiction.

  10. From proper jurisdiction.

  11. Next Step:

    Wait for approval. Upon receiving a pre-application report from the utility,  send $100 application fee payable to City of Anoka to the address of:

    City of Anoka
    Community Development Department Re: Solar Fees
    2015 1st Ave
    Anoka, MN 55303

    After the the application fee is received, you will be notified, and with approval installation may begin.

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