Residential Clothes Washer Rebate

Start Saving Money!

Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) residential customers are eligible for rebates when buying a new ENERGY STAR® rated clothes washer to be used where the electricity is supplied by AMU. See Rules & Requirements section for more information.

Purchase of an ENERGY STAR® approved appliance is designed to save you money by lowering operating costs though out the life of the appliance.

Look for products with the Energy Star® label to ensure the appliance is energy efficient. Talk to your appliance dealer to find out which brands and models are eligible for AMU rebates, or to ensure your appliance will qualify for a rebate, be sure to check the ENERGY STAR® website.

Check out our Ways To Save & Conserve Energy page for other ideas to save money on your utility bill.

Rebate Amount


Rules & Requirements

  • Only Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) residential customers are eligible for rebate when purchasing a new ENERGY STAR® rated clothes washer to be used where the electricity is supplied by AMU.
    • ENERGY STAR® is a government/industry partnership that makes it easy for you to save money and protect the environment.  
  • Rebates will be issued only for clothes washers on the current list of ENERGY STAR® rated appliances as of the purchase date.  
    • ENERGY STAR® occasionally removes appliances from qualifying lists, and it is the responsibility of the customer and appliance dealer to verify current ENERGY STAR® status.  AMU will not rebate clothes washers that have been de-listed as of the purchase date or mislabeled as ENERGY STAR®.  
    • To verify ENERGY STAR® status, visit the Energy Star website or call 1-888-782-7937.  EnergyStar logo
    • Watch for products with the ENERGY STAR® logo to ensure the appliance is energy-efficient.  Talk to your dealer to find out which brands and models are eligible for AMU rebates.  AMU is not responsible if your dealer provided inaccurate information about the amount and/or conditions of the actual rebate.
  • AMU residential customers must apply for rebates within twelve (12) months of the purchase date shown on the sales receipt.
  • Limit one rebate per residential customer account.  The appliance must be installed where electric service is provided by AMU on a retail basis.
  • Credit will be applied to the customer's AMU account associated with residence of appliance install.
  • AMU Customer signature/electronic signature is required. Customer must be listed on the AMU utility bill matching installation address for which rebate may apply.
  • Failure to complete all rebate application information, or to provide documentation required, will result in a rejection of the application.  AMU reserves the right to conduct random inspections to verify installation of the A/C at the address indicated on the front of this form.  If AMU inspects the appliance, the rebate application will not be processed until the inspection has been satisfactorily completed.  Inspections may be performed after the rebate payment at AMU’s discretion.
  • Rebate qualifications and amounts are subject to change at any time.  AMU conservation rebate programs may be cancelled or changed without notice.  AMU customers should check with AMU to determine whether program changes have occurred.

How to Apply / Application Process

  1. The customer understands the Rules & Requirements. 
  2. Applications  must be post-marked or submitted to AMU within 12 months of the receipt date
  3. Select either the Online Application form, or the Printable Application to mail in for rebate submission. 
  4.  Applications must be complete and include:
    • Copy of dated sales receipt/invoice including the Manufacturer and Model Number. Receipt(s) can be uploaded in online application or mailed in with printable application.
    • Proof of ENERGY STAR® is preferred and may be requested if not found during processing. (product specs with logo/documented on receipt)
    • AMU Account holder signature.
  5. Only complete applications will be processed. Submit signed application and receipt online or by mail to AMU, Attn: Rebates, 2015 First Avenue, Anoka, MN 55303.  
  6. AMU will issue rebate in the form of a credit on the customers’ electric bill.  Please allow six to eight weeks for credit on account.

Rebate Application Forms

 Select one of the following:

Address is also listed on the printable application.


Use our Rebate Questions Form or call us at 763-576-2903 weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for assistance.