Clean Energy Choices

Clean Energy ChoiceOur utility tries to be "clean and green" - how about you? Check out ways to be more "green" with our programs.

Clean Energy Choice Program

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Are you thinking about trying to be more "Green" at home? Instead of incurring the cost of adding new equipment to your home such as solar panels, you can choose to purchase more eco-friendly power through our Clean Energy Choice program!


Businesses can also "Go Green"! Participants will be recognized with a Clean Energy Choice Program certificate and window decal. Share your efforts with your customers via your website, press, social media, and other outlets - promote your business as being Powered by 100% Renewable Energy!!!

EV Charger Time-Of-Use (TOU) Program

If you own an electric vehicle, you may be interested in our  Electric Vehicle (EV) Time-Of-Use (TOU) Program.  While charging your vehicle at off-peak times, you have the opportunity to save money on your electric  bill. For further information, see program details.

Purchasing Solar Panels

If you are still interested in purchasing your own "green" equipment, check out the Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources (DER) webpage to see how to start the process.

Clean Energy Sources

Find out what kinds of Clean Energy sources that Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) includes in the electric service it provides to its customers.